Key people in Capone's story


Parents: Gabriele (Gabriel); Theresa Raiola
Siblings (in order of birth): Vincenzo (Jimmy, later Richard Hart),
Raffalo (Ralph), Salvatore (Frank), [Al], Amadeo Ermino (John, nicknamed "Mimi"),
Umberto (Albert John), Matthew Nicholas (so baptized), Rosalia (Rose), Mafalda

PRINCIPAL MEMBERS OF HIS GANG (after he succeeded Johnny Torio)

Frank Nitti (Francesco Raffele Nitto) - second in command;
Jack Guzik - business manager, bag man;
Lawrence Mangano, Charley Fischetti (Capone cousin) - beer distribution;
Joe Fusco - liquor distribution; John Patton - brewery operations, political fixes;
Frank Pope, Anthony "Mops" Volpe - overall gambling operations;
Peter P. Penovich, Jr. - floating casinos;
James V. Mondi - oversaw independents;
Hyman "Loud Mouth" Levine; chief collector;
Duke Cooney - brothel operations;
George "Red" Barker, William J. "Three-Finger Jack" White,
Murray L. "The Camel" Humphreys - labor extortion;
"Machine Gun" Jack McGurn (Vincenzo Gibaldi), Frank Milano - chief gunmen
Frank Rio (Cline), Frank Maritote (Diamond), Phil D'Andrea - chief bodyguards
James Belcastro, Joseph Genero - bombs, explosives
Rising young stars: Sam "Golf Bag" Hunt; Anthony Accardo (Joe Batters),
Joseph Aiuppa (Joey O'Brien), Sam "Mooney" Giancana, Paul "The Waiter" Ricca


Charles Dion "Deany" O'Banion
   -succeeded by: Hymie Weiss (Earl Wojciechowski), Vincent "Schemer"
    Drucci (Di Ambrosio), George "Bugs" Moran;
   -Louis "Two-Gun" Alterie (Leland Verain), adjunct members: Samuel "Nails"
     Morton (Markowitz), Daniel J. "Dapper Dan" McCarthy, Maxie Eisen,
Genna Brothers: Samuel, James, Peter, Antonio, Michael, Angelo
Terrence J. Druggan, Frank Lake
William "Klondike" & Myles O'Donnell; Bernard (brother) (West Side)
   -James J. Doherty, Thomas "Red" Duffy, James "Fur" Sammons
Ralph Sheldon
   -Danny Stanton; John "Mitters" Foley
Joseph "Polack Joe" Saltis (actually born in Hungary, spelled his name "Soltis")
    -Frank McErlane
Edward J. "Spike" O'Donnell (far South Side)
    -brothers Walter, Thomas & Steven
Joseph Aiello
Claude "Screwy" Maddox
Martin Guilfoyle
Herschel Miller


William Hale "Big Bill" Thompson, Jr., William E. Dever (reformer),
Anton J. Cermak (corrupt)
   -Fred Lundin - political operative (Republican, Thompson's mentor)
   -George E. "Boss" Brennen - (Democratic Party boss)
Joseph Z. Klenha - corrupt mayor of Cicero
    -Edward G. Kovalinka - political boss, courted Capone's election help
John Patton - "Boy Mayor," suburban Burnham when Torrio came


Robert E. Crowe - State's Atty, Thompson ally, capable, equivocal honesty
William Harold McSwiggin - Crowe's star asst., murdered by mistake
Morgan A. Collins - honest police Captain, Dever made Chief
Metellus Lucullus Cicero Funkhauser - Morals Div. head, undercut by Thompson
George E. "Q." Johnson - U.S. Attorney in Chicago
James H. "Shooey" Malone - arrested Capone in Philadelphia
Michael F. Malone - undercover work as Michael Lepito
Eliot Ness - Prohibition agent, head of special "Untouchables" squad
Michael J. Ryan - crooked police captain in Levee district
Max Nootbar - honest, replaced Ryan after scandal, exiled to sticks by Thompson
Edward J. O'Hare - key informer; murdered; father of "Butch" O'Hare (cf. airport)
Charles F. Rathbun - special prosecutor in death of Jake Lingle
Patrick J. Roche - star investigator of Treasury Dept's, Special Investigation Unit (SIU)
Michael Hughes - blowhard, ineffective chief of detectives; later chief under Thompson
William F. Russell - Hughes's replacement after scandal; Lingle's pal, doubtful honesty
Elmer L. Irey - head of SIU
Anthony L. Ruthy - cop who chased Lingle's killer, changed testimony, later murdered
William H. Shoemaker - honest cop, promoted by Dever, later chief of detectives
John Stege - tough, honest detective captain, later dep. chief
Len Small - corrupt governor of Illinois
Nels Tessem - dogged SIU agent; with Arthur P. Madden uncovered key evidence
James H. Wilkerson - judge at Capone contempt and tax trials
Frank J. Wilson - SIU agent, uncovered key evidence against Capone


James Clark (real name, Albert Kachellek)
Frank Gusenberg (survived briefly, died in hospital; wouldn't talk)
Peter Gusenberg (Pete's older brother; they were gang's muscle; Henry was due later)
John May
Reinhart H. Schwimmer (gang groupie, failed oculist)
Frank Snyder (Adam Heyer)
Albert R. Weinshank (probably mistaken for Moran by Capone's watchers)
Highball (May's Alsatian - only permanent survivor)

OTHERS (Alphabetic Order)

Michael J. Ahearn - Capone's lawyer, researcher, brief-writer; at tax trial
Salvatore "Samoots" Ammatuna - bagman for Gennas; briefly head of Unione, before
    Capone had him killed to make way for Tony Lombardo
Albert Anselmi - with Scalise, ace killer, lured from Gennas, then killed by
   Capone when they conspired with Guinta (see below) to betray him
Robert "Bobby" Barton - Jack Guzik's driver, lent to Torrio; driving when Torrio shot
Sylvester Barton - Bobby's brother, Capone's driver
Judge Bernard P. Basara - Crowe's candidate in '28 "Pineapple Primary"
Morris Becker - honest dry cleaner; enlisted Capone to fight extortion
James V. Bennett - Director of Prisons, sent Capone to Alcatraz
Anthony C. Berardi - newspaper photographer, Capone's favorite
Leo V. Brothers - cheap crook, framed for Lingle's murder
Herman M. Bundesen - Coroner, ran St. Valentine's inquest
Frederick R. "Killer" Burke - St. Valentine's suspect (unlikely)
Albert Francis "Sonny" Capone - Capone's son, later changed name
Mary "Mae" Coughlin Capone - Capone's wife
Ralph "Risky" Capone, Jr. - Capone's nephew; used "Gabriel" as last name; suicide
John J. "Bathhouse" Coughlin - crooked alderman of Levee district with Kenna
James M. Cox - Ohio publisher; '20 pres. candidate; Miami oligarch against Capone
Louis "Diamond Lou" Cowen - gnomish newsstand owner; Capone's bondsman
Anthony D'Andrea - election fight with Michael Powers showed
   gangs (before Beer Wars erupted) wisdom of Torrio's plan for gang cooperation.
James "Files" DeAmato - Capone's spy, told Capone of Yale's treachery; murdered
Sen. Charles S. Deneen - Crowe's opposition to his candidate sparked Pineapple Primary
Albert Fink - with Ahern, Capone's lawyer at tax trial; botched defense
Carl "Skip" Fisher - Miami oligarch
Arthur Finnegan - White Hand gang member in Brooklyn, beaten up by Capone
Frank Foster ("Frost," "Citro," Ferdinand Bruna) - Zuta's man; killer of Lingle
Frank "Galluch" Galluchio - petty thief, scarred Capone over insult to sister, “Lena” (pseudonym that brother insisted on)
Vincent Giblin - Capone lawyer in Miami
Joseph "Hop Toad" Guinta - briefly, Unione head; see Ansemi
Jacob I. Grossman - lead prosecutor in tax trial
Daniel Healy - detective who killed Vincent Drucci
Parker A. Henderson, Jr. - son of former Miami mayor, became Capone groupie
Peter B. Hoffman - corrupt Cook County (Chicago) sheriff
Joseph L. Howard - killed by Capone, personally, after beating Guzik, insulting Capone
James A. Johnston - warden of Alcatraz, interviewed Capone extensively
Michael "Hinky Dink" Kenna - see Bathhouse John Coughlin
Paul A. Labriola - killed by D'Andrea's men for loyalty to Alderman John Powers
Alfred J. "Jake" Lingle - Tribune legman; gang ties; murdered
Edward R. Litsinger - Sen. Deneen's candidate in Pineapple Primary
Frank J. Loesch - head of Crime Commission, asked Capone to police '28 election
Pasqualino "Patsy" Lolordo - Unione head, Capone friend, murdered by Aiello
Anthony Lombardo - same as Lolordo, but even closer to Capone
William "Wild Bill" Lovett - Brooklyn gang lieutenant, psychopathic killer intended to
   avenge Artie Finnegan's beating; reason Yale sent Capone to Chicago in 1919
John H. Lyle - honest but erratic judge; Thompson called him "nutty"
Samuel D. McCreary - Miami Director of Public Safety; after Capone at oligarchs' order
Daniel "Big Dan" Mahoney - Cox's son-in-law; directed Miami anti-Capone campaign
John J. Maritote - Mafalda Capone's husband, Frank Maritote's kid brother
Lawrence P. Mattingly - Torrio's, then Capone's tax lawyer; incompetent;
   wrote damning (by mistake) "Mattingly Letter" to IRS
Mike Merlo - strong Unione head; natural death cleared way for O'Banion murder
Thomas D. Nash - partner of Ahearn, courtroom wizard; mysteriously not at tax trial
Ted Newberry - walking to garage with Moran when Massacre occurred; later botched murder attempt on Zuta
David V. Omens - Capone's doctor
Kenneth Phillips - Miami doctor, signed phony affidavit in contempt case
John "Gianni Pauli" Powers - alderman in war with D'Andrea
Fred Ries - head cashier at Capone Casino, The Ship; key testimony at tax trial
Louise Rolfe - McGurn's mistress, "the Blonde Alibi"
Edward C. Romfh - Miami oligarch, banker, ex-mayor
John Sbarbaro - Asst. State's Atty, later judge; also undertaker for all gangs
Daniel A. Seritella - City Sealer; Capone pal
E. G. Sewell - Miami oligarch, ex-mayor
Jack Sewell - E. G.'s nephew, a Capone groupie
Billy Skidmore - bondsman Capone used before Lou Cowen
Manley Sullivan - petty crook in key Supreme Court decision: IRS could tax crime income
John A. Swanson - honest judge, involved in Pineapple Primary, murders of Lingle, Zuta
Edward D. Vogel - slot-machine king/pol in Cicero; opposed Torrio-Capone, then ally
Frankie Yale (Francesco Ioele, "Uale") - Capone's mentor in Brooklyn; killed Colosimo,
   O'Banion as favor; betrayed Capone, murdered
Jack Zuta - pimp, minor far North Side gang leader; had Lingle killed; murdered

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